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About us

Who we are

Founding Board of the Association Health Mission consists of six public health and preventive medicine experts with considerable scientific, academic, project and management experience at national and international level. Such founding structure provides professional representation in all areas of public health. Moreover, the founders have years of experience in joint ...

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Mission, vision, values and principles

Mission The name itself implies that the mission of our Association is HEALTH. To improve the health of the population, it is necessary to act on the individual and at the system level. Therefore, our mission is twofold: Empowerment of individuals for health and Partnership and support to the health ...

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Values and principles

Our work is based on several fundamental values: Health is the greatest wealth The right to health is a basic human right and as such is guaranteed by the Constitution Health is everyone’s concern Knowing the determinants of health is a precondition for its improvement Our guiding principles are: professionalism ...

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Governance Bodies of the Association Health Mission

Association Health Mission acts in accordance with its Statute General Assembly is the governing body of the Association with the highest authority, consisting of all its members. Management Board is an executive committee, elected by the General Assembly and directly responsible to the General Assembly for managing the work of ...

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Association Health Mission is an independant professional, non-governmental and non-profit organisation working in the field of public health. As such, it operates with minimal administrative costs, thanks to the enthusiasm and voluntary engagement of its founders and members. Financial resources for implementation of its activities and projects are acquired on ...

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