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Chronic diseases

There is no safe way to use tobacco

American cancer society has published in January 2019 death rates from cancer and trends over the past 25 years. Since 1991 the death rates have declined 27% as to 2016, or 1.5% annually avoiding more than 2.6 million deaths. As it is stated in the report, the decline in cancer ...

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What is occupational cancer?

Occupational cancer is a result of exposure to hazardous chemical, physical and biological agent (carcinogens) during the time. Occupational carcinogen is every chemical, physical and biological agents from workplace that increases the risk of malignant disease among the exposure workers. In 1775 Sir Percival Pott, one of the leading British ...

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Lung Cancer Prevention

Why the Lung Cancer is Important? Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, with 2.1 million new cases being diagnosed yearly. In Serbia, it is the most common cancer site among men (19.3%) and second among women (8.3%). Moreover, it is the leading cause of cancer deaths ...

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