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Association Health Mission is an independant professional, non-governmental and non-profit organisation working in the field of public health. As such, it operates with minimal administrative costs, thanks to the enthusiasm and voluntary engagement of its founders and members.

Financial resources for implementation of its activities and projects are acquired on the basis of membership fees, voluntary contributions, donations, grants, subsidies, fees for education and other legal permissible mode.

In order to raise funds for its activities, the Association comes with an active approach – we prepare project proposals in accordance with the objectives of the Association and identified public health priorities, and apply for to potential donors.

Also, the Association collects voluntary contributions from individuals or organizations willing to support our activities.

To organizations that have related goals, our Association provides technical assistance in relation to the preparation of project proposals and their implementation.

If you are interested in partner projects, in obtaining technical assistance, or you consider to grant some funds, please contact us.