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Governance Bodies of the Association Health Mission

Association Health Mission acts in accordance with its Statute

General Assembly is the governing body of the Association with the highest authority, consisting of all its members.

Management Board is an executive committee, elected by the General Assembly and directly responsible to the General Assembly for managing the work of the Association in line with its objectives. President of the Management Board is at the same time the President of the Association.

Oversight Committee is the body elected by the General Assembly, whose role is independent oversight of the Management Board work.

Founders and members of the Management Board and Oversight Committee

Management Board

Maja Stosic

Maja Stošić, President

Srmena Krstev, Vice President

Ana Jovićević, member

Oversight Committee members

Dragana Jovićević,

Charimanof the Supervisory Board

  Ika Pešić,


             Snežana Ukropina,